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BD Productions is an entertainment production firm with projects varying from Film & TV to music, comedy, and live entertainment.

BD Productions Featured Projects:

House Of Forbidden Secrets


Theatrical Trailer (General Audience)

“House Of Forbidden Secrets” is a reverse exorcism story where a new generation standoff is waged between good and evil… with unexpected forces colliding in location and time on an eve just before Halloween. The Deadly Sins may be challenged and wills may be tested but what happens in Shadowview Manor will astound and haunt you as the forbidden plot twists around every turn.

Some Characters include: a Manor, a Madame, a Priest torn, a Night Security Guard challenged, a Psychic baffled, a fun-loving Rocker tested, a Journalist pushed, a Goth Gal pulled, a Camera Man stretched, a Widow spooked…this is the night when all hell collides…for them…..and for You.

House Of Forbidden Secrets 

Movie Soundtrack

Composed by Italian composer Fabio Frizzi, who composed on Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Motion Picture Soundtrack. This dark, yet enchanting album will intrigue and then overwhelm your senses with deep emotions.

Available From:

Beat Records

Executive Producer:

BD Productions, LLC

The Price


Set in a gritty economically devastated NYC, “The Price” is the story of two outlaws and the bounty hunter who pursues them. Inspired by John Carpenter and Escape From New York among many other influences…

The film stars Carlos Gallardo (“el Mariachi”, “Desperado” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Planet Terror”), Solomon Trimble (“Twilight”), Mali Elfman, Michael May & James St. Vincent.



Featuring original music from Lead singer-songwriter Bryan David, Abishi includes globally renowned musicians who have experienced multiple songs on the Billboard Top 40 charts and releases reaching double platinum sales while touring the world. Abishi songs provide a plethora of emotions with powerful lyrics and meaningful melodies… while maintaining fun along the entire journey.

The Pom Pom Massacre


The Pom Pom Massacre, the Cheerleaders must Die is like Friday the 13th at Cheerleading Camp meets the Scream franchise.  

It incorporates elements of slasher films with entertaining humor without taking away from the Hitchcock-like suspense and ‘who done it’ plot twists. 

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Halloween BB


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Rock Album

Obsidian is tearing up the scene in a manner that can only be compared to the meteoric rise of Motley Crue in their heyday. This is why the guys are following up their Dreamcatcher release by heading into studio with the likes of Shinedown to record their next studio tracks… 

Experienced industry professionals such as Eric Bass, Tom Zutaut, Manager Corey Omeara, Executive Producer Bryan David are adding collaboration to this much anticipated release. This type of backing is necessary to surpass their collaboration on Dreamcatcher which included Grammy award winning Producer Michael Dumas and drummer Ty Dennis from The Doors.

Film Festival

Live Event & Convention

Music, Film, Stand-up Comedy, App Festival, Panels, Technology Think Tank…

Merging Entertainment & Technology… this Festival and Convention will be unveiled in a premiere College Town and morph Comic-Con with Sundance and SXSW…

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The Boogie Knight


The Boogie Knight is a great comedy film with a wide blend of: 

Bored To Death (bumbling detective), Superbad (drawings of…well…things), Kick Ass (unlikely superheroes), and Seth Rogen, Jay & Silent Bob type comedy films (camaraderie among sidekicks).

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Golf Infomercial